Nik color efex pro 3.0 for capture nx2 mac

Does anyone know where I can still buy a product key for this software. It's kind of anoying that Nik lets you download the demo and try it still, but then there seems to be no way to purchase it, at least in North America. I see Nikon sites in UK, Australia and asia still offer it, but they wont process my Canadian credit card.

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I'm sure the new versions of Nik software are great, but I would prefer to just use the old one so I can continue to work within Capture I was just about to ask the same question for Mac. I know you can use the Lightroom version as a stand alone with NX2 but you have to export it as a Tiff.

I'd prefer to use it as a direct plug in with NX2 and remain non-destructive.

Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 Complete Edition

You may also want to ask the question in the Nik software photo share users group. Pickup the phone and call them. This is the procedure a friend of mine used earlier this year. He literally had to beg them to sell the 3. As such, I doubt any web-enabled communications will do the trick.

This thread has a happy ending. I contacted Nik software support with the issue, and they replied with a solution. While they no longer can sell CEP 3, they can generate key codes for older versions of software if you purchase the new version. So a phone call later they sold me Version 4, and provided me key's for both version 3 and 4 by email. Happy New Year all. Thanks for letting us know. I also called NIK and was told they could not sell it and wasn't even on their menu to sell.

I then asked if there was anyone else I could talk to. The rep then said If I could find a user willing to sell me their license they could do it. This may be a little cheaper than buying a new CEP 4 licenses, the problem is finding a seller. I JackHo9: I've not played enough with CEP to know the answer to that. Does 4 do the things that 3 does significantly better? That I dont know yet. The convenience, speed and ability to go back and tweak settings with the CNX plug-in is such a big thing that ver 4 would have to be a big change to warrent the hassle for me.

It's true that they will not "can not" sell you ver 3. But it seems they can sell you ver 4 and provide you keys for ver 4 and previous version 3. Originally posted 75 months ago. Hmmmm, are the keys different? Makes me wonder if my v3 key might work for v4: Unfortunately yes, they are different. You could check eBAY etc.

There was 1 v3 for sale in France with no bids on it. Looked legit, but hard to tell. Fully agree. So how does one actually get a copy of the CEP 3 software since it doesn't seem available for purchase any more? I can share a skydrive folder with it for you.

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Message me if interested. The following web page has a link to the Nik download site with CEP3. You cant get there directly through Nik's home page. Thank you for the offer,. I am going to try it from the link that recommended though first. My only concern is that when I go to download from that link, it asks wheter I want to use it as a plug in for either photoshop or for Light Room. Old Nikon User: If you follow the specific link that I provided click on "visit site", and then "continue to dowload" it should take you to the CEP Ver 3.

If you are downloading the new version, V4, I believe you want the lightroom version as it will operate more or less standalone via using the open with menu item in CNX but that goes through a tiff file generation etc. Not as convenient and not reversable editing. Hi there, I followed the instructions you provided, and while it DOES take me to the download page for Version 3, the current version available for download is 3. Unfortunately, we are not longer selling any product for Capture NX 2.

At one point, Color Efex Pro 3.

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I apologize for this inconvenience. For information or inquires, you are always free to suggest this compatibility to Capture NX 2 and Nikon support. I just clicked that link and it works. I bought that way from Nik as a bundle two years ago. Now, today, I am going to up grade to the 64 bit version of Color Efex Pro 3. I'll report back if it works or not. Please read the pecaustions section under the word "Note" -- http: Just updated my capture NX2 version 2.

What I did was I re-ran the installer for version 2. When I re-ran the installer, i was asked if I wanted to install 32 bit or 64 bit. Afterwards, i ran the installer for color efex pro 3 version 3. This is the 64 bit version. It installed and everything is working perfectly.

Thanks for your help on this issue. Using your instructions, I have been able to download Color Efex 3. Unfortunately, the download process would not let me "upgrade" using my old serial number, so I have only a demo product on my computer. You must have entered a a version 3 serial number, am I right? Anyway, I'll give Nik a call on Monday and try to get an upgrade price for this.

I always was using version 3 CEP. Then update after that. If you have have your old serial from version 2. Anyways,good luck with it. That is exactly what I tried to do. I got to that very page you show in your post, but when I tried to enter information in the pull down menu that says, "Upgrade to," the field is blank and I can't proceed any further. People who purchased CEP 3 are allowed to upgrade to 3.

Since the page in question is specifically for upgrading to CEP 3, perhaps the field you can't enter is redundant, and not required. Color Efex Pro 3 and 4 is a 32 bits app; the advantage of NX2 2. So to combine both, I choosed to save the directory of NX2 32 bits 2. This is a little bit tricky but very usefull.

Here is the reply from Nik on this issue below. Frankly, I don't understand the rationale. I have the CEP 3. I offered to buy the CEF 4 upgrade if they would give me a license key for version 3. They won't take my money!! Without being able to use CEP after the demo period is over, none of the adjustments will work and all the processing I did in past years is worthless.

I apologize for the misunderstanding in my last email. Although I advised that we are no longer supporting Color Efex Pro 3, I do understand how it can be confusing because we did just release an update for customers who already own the software. Since you own version 2 and we are now on version 4, there is no way that I would be able to sell you the upgrade to version 3.

That is something that we have discontinued and are no longer selling. Although we are no longer selling that specific product, we did and do still have to have that download available for customers who already own it and are still using it. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you already own CEP 3, you can update to ver. There is no need to have two versions of Capture NX 2 installed. I agree. That is all you have to do. Just go ahead and do it. It's probably already going to be the latest 64 bit version. But of course, you have to have the product key for your original version CEP 2.

Do you even have the product key?

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PErhaps you don't have one that is legitimate and that is why you keep asking Nik for a key? Does anyone know if there are resellers who can sell me a version of CEP 3. Effectively, the described method is no longer necessary with Color Efex 3. Let us forget 32 bits except for Camera Control Pro not yet tested: Control My Nikon! Thank you very much. Any news on more Nik software for CEP? Looking for CEP 3. The EF-M 32mm F1. Find out what's new, what it's like to use and how it compares to its peers in our review in progress.

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