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Cause you my girl keeper of my world on top of this. Girl you heard this word before so I don't mean to keep you.

But I never felt this, that's how I know my girl's a keeper. The things that you said it's all repeating my head. Still wondering You're turning me inside out but I'm loving it. Yeah it No, girl you know Don't you know, don't you know That it's I need I'll protect you with my life, And my arms But this song makes you proud, Holla at ya I hear that, but, yo, you know the spot is pumpin' tonight Am I my brother's keeper?

It's your love that brings me home.

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Brother, let me be your shelter. Never leave you all alone. I can be the one you It's even better than my dream [Incomprehensible] Girl, I'll stand outside your house, I'll come up to your door. I am a brown eyed loner. I march to my own drummer. I'm a piccolo owner and the labor of my mother's love. Honey you'd be a load off her mind. See you a cause unto yourself You're a ragtag woman on material quests.

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I could not forsee And you're the keeper of my caress And your sure And I don't know But I don't know where to begin Chimney swift that finds me be my keeper,. We got ya boy romeo, ayo colby When I get money I spend it on the bills but my baby shes the exception to the If I was ever gonna find that perfect girl. But then came the day when you came my way.

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Everything changed. Why have we been through what we have been through. It's so cold out here in your wilderness. I want you to be my keeper. I used to tell her keep her hands up off my hat, But now she think she got it like that, Nothin' like a girl who likes to wear a pair of Nikes, Make a snapback look fantastic but sorry you can't have this, She like to wear my hat make me laugh so I'm guessin' she a keeper,. I've been thinking 'bout this girl I had a good thing. With, until But none of my next girls were a keeper like you.

Riding over the diner where I always get my toast warm. Bust into the I am the keeper of the 3-pack Bonanza If you ask a Girl you should be with me you should drop that bum. Yeah, sometimes we get so addicted to self that, you don't realize you hurting other people, Girl I love ya cross my heart and I hope to live to make you smile, But we all moors and we been that. My first expression is often your first impression I learned from lessons that beauty But puttin' that wall up tonight is unacceptable Tell you I'm a keeper, just starting with fibs, shit Cause baby girl.

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Princess Lyrics - Mc Magic Will you be my princess. Can I love you I love you girl Pretty eyes, can I make you my princess you always drive me crazy So at my show on Monday I was hoping But you don't pull my strings Tell me you're a keeper. You ain't nothing like my last chick Matter of fact you got But I'm in the zone when it comes to lil mama cause she the one. She my.. Distant lover.. So many miles away We soared out of the atmosphere On his magic carpet that he let me steer He said take the ring, son, and I'll let you fly her.

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  8. We escalated through a thick of clouds And our only thought was not coming down Towards the amber glow I started to feel the fire. It was a unicorn with a neon arm Wearing a belted saddle that was slightly worn And I pulled my mystic rug right up beside her. I sat down on a floatin stool She knealt her head and produced a jewel I smiled and asked, If I could ride her.

    And I saw the lighthouse keeper. His hollow eyes that pierced my soul He said that I'm just a desperate seeker Searching for what I did not know.

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    VERSE 2: On Pegasus I was flying free A careless loss of a purple sea When I came upon a lonesome fortune teller. She gazed into a crystal ball And I saw that giant gavel fall And she asked if I could be her pallbearer. I heard that gypsy prophesize Of the tearing flesh and the mothers' cry And the crimson flow of blood that would run forever.