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Top MAC Lipstick Dupes For Less Than Half The Price

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MAC Lip Color: A Brand for the Most Affordable and Quality Lipstick

You bear all risks associated with any such transactions. If you had read my last haul post , you should know how much a lipstick junkie I am lately. I have no issues with buying Urban Decay lipsticks off the net because their Revolution line is probably too new in the market to spawn fakes.

Find out how to buy from maccosmetics. I have personally seen some users ignorantly buy fakes because the seller assured that they are authentic. Many a time, I wanted to leave a comment to clarify, but I guess many users take offense to that so I held back most of the time except for a few occasions when I was terribly moody and wanted to confront someone lol gangsta. Ask where the product was purchased from. Highly unconvincing if seller claims that she bought it from a reseller who does preorders. Of course not, who are you kidding?

Maybe half the amount for the nicer sellers, but definitely not the full sum. However, if seller honestly tells you that she is unsure of its origin because it was a gift , you can still probe further by asking for a….

How to Spot Fake MAC Lipsticks on Carousell |

The label is a round sticker found at the bottom duh of the lipstick. It is not a demanding request so go ahead and ask for this very important additional picture. For a clearer explanation, I am going to use my own MAC lipsticks to compare against some blatantly fake ones on Carousell.

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Please note that I am only familiar with MAC lipsticks so please do not use this guide to identify fake MAC foundations, blushes, etc, as they may differ in terms of packaging. Finishes from left to right: Mineralize Rich comes in a more luxurious tube , the bottom label still does not bear the brand name. What it has are just the name of the shade and the finish..

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  6. Fakes do not tell you what finish e. Hence, do not assume that the lipstick is authentic just because it has a serial number as ALL fakes have one! However, counterfeit factories are raising their game these days. They are able to make 1: Dang, even the box looks exactly like the original. How not to be duped?! Wow, seems like these people no longer use stickers! Just like the original! The exact same sticker is also pasted at the bottom of the lipstick casing! Furthermore, the sticker satisfies all the criteria of an authentic MAC lipstick: By the way, I am not blaming the seller for selling me an imitation.

    In fact, she did express her uncertainty about its authenticity since it was gifted to her but I took the risk and bought it anyway! This post lacks credibility without firsthand experience right?! It was mailed to me and when I tore open the envelope, the box was already distorted even though it was carefully bubble-wrapped! This never happened to me before.

    Ignoring those minute details, I excitedly removed the lipstick from the box. I was like wtf?!?! Look how easily they can be detached from each other! Quite convincing, dotcha think? I know one common way to distinguish a fake is to compare its weight and size against an authentic one. Fake on the left, real on the right.

    The cap! Clearly, the logo on the fake one is fading.

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    Watch the animation! In conclusion, the cap of a fake MAC lipstick would not be able to fit onto a real MAC lipstick nicely as it is too loose. On the other hand, the cap of a real one will not be able to fit onto a fake at all. Fakes are made a little bigger than the genuine ones! Hope this is useful information to you! Like Like. I think you need to get a life than spending all your time on line talking about MAC. You obviously have nothing else to do with your life.

    Thanks for your valueless input and have fun poisoning your face. The price difference? This is another excellent MAC lipstick shade to use this summer. Take my money! See how similar they look not only in color but also in finish? Talk about wise investments, this color is a coveted shade and to get it for less than half the price is ridiculous. Our super lovely friends at Dupe-that managed to find a dupe for the elusive Mac Relentlessly Red!

    Thank goodness, Dupe-that is super reliable when it comes to finding spot-on dupes of our favorite MAC products.