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This is the method that Apple recommends on their knowledge base, this method may seem lengthy but it automatically handles the permissions and file ownership changes, making it easier for some users. For security purposes, Apple recommends disabling the root user account, but you can determine whether or not that is necessary based on how often you need to use root access.

Proceeding along, if you wanted to change the users directory name as well as the short name, another way to do this is by using a separate Administrator account or even root from the command line to rename the users home directory preferably to the new short name.

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You could do this from the Finder with an Admin account, or using sudo and root from the command line:. If you chose to do this through the command line, this is more of a confirmation step.

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After the directory name change has been made, you will likely need to adjust the file ownership and permissions using chown to the new username:. On another note, you can also use this option to change the location of a users home directory. Before beginning: Have a backup of your entire Mac done, this is editing user files and making changes to how the OS observes that user. Also, you will probably want to enable Fast User Switching to be able to do this quickly. Done properly, you will have the short user name changed in just a few minutes, but this is not a traditionally supported method so proceed at your own risk!

Reset Forgotten Admin Password OSX 10 10 Yosemite Easy Factory Reset

Always make a backup before modifying important files. Log out of the currently active Administrator account, or use Fast User Switching to summon the Login window and then log in as the newly renamed user. This next set of steps is just as important, otherwise Spotlight and Smart Folders will not work:.

If you did everything correctly, the users account short name will now be changed. If you wish to, you can now remove the extra administrator account. Enjoy this tip?

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Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. What if you just want to change your short name from all lower case to capitalized? We have written an up to date article on exactly how to change a short user name in Mac OS X.

What is short name?

Please refer to that for further assistance, it will work on Snow Leopard and prior […]. A user name alias functions as a simple way to […]. Someone please help. I think I just messed something up really bad. I entered this command into the terminal with my current name and preferred name: I am running lion by the way.

Change the full or the short name of your macOS account

Did I really delete all my stuff or can this be fixed? This changes Everything you could possibly want to change regarding naming your Mac and home folder. I recently purchased a Mac mini with tiger from a friend and took these steps to rename everything. Then turn root off to prevent security issues later.

I just did something really wrong. I typed in my new short name in home directory instead of account name. I rebooted and created a new account. Cant find and delete this account. Taking up masses of memory.

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Open the Users folder on the startup disk. It contains the home folder for each user. You'll be prompted to enter the administrator name and password that you used to log in. Then rename the account While still logged out of the account you're renaming, follow these additional steps: From the list of users on the left, Control-click the user you're renaming, then choose Advanced Options. It should have no spaces. When I did a clean install, the setup wouldn't let me capitalize the Account name - setup would continue to change the name to lower case. I know, not a big deal but that's the way we OCD'ers operate.

Posted on Oct 1, 1: Oct 1, 5: You will have to create a new admin user account with the short and full name as you'd want.

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Then copy over the user files from your current account to the new one. Once you're satisfied that the new account is complete you can delete the old user account. Page content loaded. Oct 1, 6: Thank you. Came to my senses and decided to stick with my nit-noid uncapitalized short name I know, I should have a real problem.