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The players would not have to pay for this, the gambling site would. Lock Poker announced that they had stopped allowing deposits via Skrill, but in fact it was Skrill that suspended Lock from letting customers deposit. Basically Skrill is stopping players from getting scammed. I was informed this today, and am awaiting further clarification from the Skrill rep that contacted me to correct the news. Until they reach a sustainable player liquidity above those of offshore sites, I see no reason to recommend them over the ones right now. The sites we recommend are safe and payouts are quick so the only legit reason to have our customers playing at Ultimate Poker or whomever is if the player pool is superior, and it is not even close nor will it be until state compacts are fulfilled.

Not only that but dozens of operators are trying to launch sites. Only a couple will succeed and the more sites, the worse the liquidity. State compacts are a must. As long as they get the license, they will be fine in my opinion. The only real competitor they have is the WSOP. The article which can now be read here makes me realize how we can talk about corruption in the American system all day long but we have no recourse. Things could be worse, but watching and being involved in this industry through media over the past 10 years has really opened my eyes to the reality of politics.

As of near So far pretty slow. I could not test the software because I am not located in Nevada but it seems to use the same standard software of their partners, poker. This is the second Nevada, U. None have launched for any other state, yet. Any US poker sites or US casino deposit methods are for informational purposes. For pending State laws in your area see theppa.

Just another WordPress site. Updated by Roger: January 1, , 7: Visit Site. Not only do they have a great poker site but the same can be said for their online casino. Not much else I can really say. Here is the list of more US accepted online casinos we recommend. Only Betonline. Its hit or miss, most CC acceptance is Betonline. Too many fraudulent chargebacks. Stopped US deposits on August 24 , Same as Fastchecks, echecks or Quickdeposit, they are all the same thing. No sites accept them. Works only at Betonline.

Contact phone support after registration. This is for the UK. Not used by any major networks. They shut down mid and scammed players out of six figures in funds. Connected to Ecocard, avoid at all costs. Hit or miss in usage, best bet is at Betonline. Prepaid phone card deposit option in use by Bovada.

Other Poker Sites Accepting Americans.

The 4 Best Poker Sites for US Players

Went bankrupt but was purchased by Carbon Poker Merge Network and later closed down. On March 24, they closed and transferred players to Pokerstars. Sad because Bugsyclub was one of the last sites to have poker on linux. New site with some sites selling their US players to them americascardroom, betcris etc. Went out of business for defrauding players and affiliates in a scandal with casinoaffiliateprograms. Running an ongoing pyramid scheme with a select few affiliates participating. NOT paying players, or paying slowly. They have ceased accepted US players towards the end of See full Microgaming sites that have changed to.

Tropical Poker Out of business. Nevada customers only. First U. Closed on November 17, Speaking of tournaments, WPN offers many special events, including the popular High Five and Online Super Series tournament series each quarter which often boast aggregate prize pools in the multi-millions. Their most successful iteration of said tournament generated an astonishing 1. On top of these rich rewards there are weekly progressive rake races for both cash game and SNG players.

If you do not have an account at any or all of these fine places, please consider signing up with Professional Rakeback! If you're looking for a flat rakeback account instead, please go here. Grand Poker Room is the newest poker site to make itself available to American poker players. This group of companies is not new, they have been around for well over a decade and they haven't updated the look of their website since! However, even thought the website looks dated, their payment processing is not and they are known for lightning fast payouts for its casino and sportsbook customers as well as its reduced juice sports betting lines.

This new poker site offering has a smooth interface, is natively Windows and Mac friendly, has a slick mobile poker app, and sports a small but growing player base full of fishy sports and casino players. You can read more details about this at our comprehensive Grand Poker Network review page. Our main complaint about Grand Poker is that it is too small.

Rarely does one find more than a dozen cash games running, even during peak times. This is good for players who like small card rooms where they can get to know the competition intimately. Furthermore, the games are relatively devoid of seasoned professionals and are a great place to build a bankroll due to the double whammy of extremely low rake coupled with extremely high rakeback rewards.

Even though this is the newest competitor on the block, the sports book and casino operation backing it is old school. The payment processing is first grade, and the amount and variety of deposit and withdrawal options offered to American online poker players is second to none. GPN even offers bitcoin deposits and withdrawals! Independently operated, players can deposit and withdraw, using the ever-popular crypto-currency known as Bitcoins. It is worth noting that all games are denominated in bitcoin and at no point in time are deposited bitcoins converted into fiat like most sites do.

This leads to lightning quick payout time frames and ease of transfer when making withdrawals. SWC is truly one of the last "Wild West" types of poker rooms available, offering cash games, multi-table tournaments, and sit-n-go's with steady traffic. The games are odd in that the recreational players are bad of course, but a strange type of bad, perhaps because of the whole "technology nerd" aspect of even getting funds onto a bitcoin poker site.

Deposits are nearly instant and players are credited with SWC chips, which are used to enter tournaments and ring games alike. And SWC offers popular special features such as their weekly Sunday 2,chip Big BTC event and opportunities to earn special bonuses at random tournaments and cash games. Plus, SWC is available to all American poker players in all 50 states! You can sign up directly now by clicking the "play now" button above or continue reading our SWC Poker review.

Nitrogen Sports decided to dip its toe into the online poker space a few years back, complementing its popular sportsbook and casino with a virtual cardroom. This permits speedy and hassle-free deposits and withdrawals without the need to submit identifying information , that's right, you can play on Nitrogen completely anonymously. Each chip counts as 1 milli-Bitcoin, so 1, of them are equal to 1 BTC. One added benefit of this site is that all you bitcoin funds are kept in bitcoin.

Thus, if bitcoin appreciates in price, like the tenfold price increase experienced in , the fiat value of your balance also increases! Nitrogen Poker targets a type of player quite different from the traditional grinder and games here tend to be on the easier side. Microstakes accounts for most of the action although it is possible to get games running at higher blind levels for those willing to table start and play shorthanded. Every day of the week, there are a couple of 20 chip guaranteed MTT for a buyin of 1.

As they pay rake at the tables and fees in tourneys, users increase their ranking in the Nitro rewards program. The ability to exchange points for instant BTC credits and free sports wagers represents a type of rakeback. On a daily and weekly basis, players receive entry into freerolls based upon the number of Nitro points they accumulate.

There are no state or country restrictions, so everyone is welcome at Nitrogen, and the fact that all gameplay is conducted over the web means that the cross-platform compatibility is excellent. Or to get more info before joining up, consult our Nitrogen Poker review. We have informed you about the companies we recommend. We think it is perhaps even more important to inform you of the sketchy places you should avoid! The sites in this section are either certified scams or so shady that we not only can't recommend them to you, but that we recommend you avoid them in order to protect your bankrolls from any sort of disastrous theft.

You probably heard about it on Facebook. Jao "markets" extensively there by spamming every poker group they can manage to wiggle into. Then, these affiliates have to go out and spam social media, forums, Skype groups, and any other place they can think of to draw in new affiliates and players to deposit at Jao Poker and make up for the money they have outlaid up front.

No reputable online gambling site requires affiliates to pay money to join, it is free! Jao is a scam of the classic MLM type. We highly advise you to steer clear of this high-scam-probability poker site with very few active games. Even more bizarrely, the owner of Jao has been accused of defrauding his partner by illegally selling a high dollar home in California and then illegally obtaining a bank loan with the proceeds to finance Jao.

Stay far, far away from this steaming pile of garbage. Click to read even more about the Jao Poker scam. When this crypto currency poker site launched, it had a lot of potential. However, that potential has fallen flat on its face. Not only do players here report abusive and vindictive customer support agents via live chat, but many have been publicly berated by them on online message boards!

The site has busted numerous players cheating via playing on multiple accounts at the same time, acknowledged they were cheating, and yet allowed the players to continue to play. There are numerous security concerns with some of their pages not being SSL encrypted and thus exposing users passwords to hijacking by hackers. And to top it off, our analysis of their business model yields similar results to what we saw in Lock Poker. Our professional opinion is stay far, far away from this poorly run site. Carbon Gaming at one point offered high rakeback, player friendly promotions, huge game liquidity, and friendly customer service.

Then they were bought out by Jazette Enterprises, a ruthlessly money hungry casino operation who puts its players behind its profits by using second rate payment processors who cause payout delays. They also forced the removal of rakeback, cut all VIP rewards, and reduced promotions to a mere pittance. What is worse is that they broke their lifetime contracts with thousands of vendors, effectively stealing millions of dollars from previous partners. Avoid playing on Carbon Poker and other Merge Network skins and you'll sleep better at night. We called them out from the start, and unfortunately, we were proven correct.

Lock is a deposit-only site operating a Ponzi scheme, where all player deposits go into continuing their operation. They do not pay the overwhelming majority of their players. We highly recommend avoiding this room at all costs! This company, once the darling of a major gambling affiliate network, offered its services on nearly a dozen poker clients with one cashier wallet. However, Muchos has fallen on tough times due to various business mistakes and thefts of player funds.

The ongoing legal issues here have resulted in hundreds of player reports about non-payment, as well as Muchos being kicked out of multiple networks. Depositing here is a black hole, avoid at all costs. We have laid out for you the sites that we feel are the best. We have told you which sites are the worst, some outright scams, and to save yourself the trouble of playing at.

But are there any sites in between?

Instant Plays VS. Download Software

As a matter of fact there are. The sites below all have positive features, mainly payout speeds, so they are legit poker sites in that sense. Also, they provide games to US players, but there are issues with them which hold us back from recommending them to our loyal readers and clients. We will go over those issues below and let you decide if you want to proceed.

We will not recommend that you play, or not play, at any of the following sites. Global Poker - This site provides games in most states. Its main appeal is that it offers payouts via PayPal, which is a great thing for players and hasn't been seen since Black Friday on any legitimate site. What gives us pause is the fact that the site uses a "sweepstakes model" as its legal justification.

There are many industries and gambling venues that have attempted to use the sweepstakes loophole and almost all of them have lost in court. Such legal precedent does not inspire confidence in us that this business venture will last long-term. This is in fact a real money gambling site disguised as a sweepstakes game. The buy-in amounts are always minimum amounts which encourages lots of flips and little poker play. In order to play tournaments with real money prizes, players must "see flops" on "play money" tables as there are no direct entries to the biggest guaranteed tournaments.

Read our full Global Poker review for more information. Poker Mania - This private invite only group provides games to US players. Unfortunately, their Mavens software is atrocious, outdated, and not user friendly at all. It only allows play via web browser and there is currently no downloadable client. A software upgrade to Enterra client was attempted in early but it failed and was rolled back after 3 days time.

Despite promises of new software "soon" nothing has yet been put forth. Getting money onto and off of this site requires the use of an "agent" which is a guy who may or may not have your best interests at heart. While the payouts have been speedy here, the process seems rather shady and we recommend that players find better places to play among our list of recommended sites. Poker Boom - This group is another invite only private group that uses agents to move your money in and out of the site.

Mac Poker Sites - Playing Online Poker on Your Mac Device

It broke off from Poker Mania some time in due to a falling out of the owners of both sites. It turns out the owner of Boom used to be the largest agent on Poker Mania and when a difference of opinion formed, he broke away and created his own similar site. As of December 18th, , this led to the closure of Poker Mania. PPPoker - This is a mobile poker platform that started out in Asia in , but it has since expanded and now has players in dozens of countries across the globe. This internet poker destination is famed for the softness of its games because it's marketed toward recreational live donks who wish to take their fishy play online.

Unfortunately, this site uses an agent model, similar to the two sites above, which makes it much riskier than traditional online poker rooms. In order to access the tables, you must join a private club that's managed by an agent. All gameplay is conducted onsite for play chips, and the agent handles deposits and cashouts directly with the players, translating fake money into real currency at whatever rate he has agreed to with his customers. This play money-only policy allows PPPoker to disclaim all liability if your account balance goes missing.

The safety of your funds is directly tied to the honesty of your agent. If you encounter one who's trustworthy, then you might very well have an enjoyable and profitable experience at PPPoker. If not, well, then it's the agent who will have an enjoyable and profitable experience…at your expense! If you are interested in learning more about the specific legal online gambling situation for any US state, we have spent thousands of man hours researching the legal status of poker, sports betting, and casino play via the Internet in all 50 states. In these reviews we go over all of the applicable state gambling laws in an attempt to ascertain not only the letter of the law, but the true intent of the laws in each state.

We make cases for and against gambling online in each state and why you should feel safe, or avoid playing online in your particular state. We also include, where applicable, short reviews of the options available where you reside as well as history, updates to pending legislation, and more. All of our US state reviews will help you play poker online for money in no time! In states where it is legal, we also include which website is best for sports and casino action.

How old do I have to be to play at offshore poker sites? This is quite consistent across various countries and the US states. Any person 18 years or older is allowed to play on all of the aforementioned rooms. How do I know these sites won't rip me off? Sites that we do not feel confident enough to play at ourselves are either in our Caution Section or listed in the Scam Section. If you're looking for safe online poker, then you'll find it at any of our partner rooms.

In 12 years of operation Professional Rakeback has only recommended 2 sites that have failed. We do our damnedest to protect your funds, our funds, and our reputation. We stand behind our recommendations and put our money where our mouth is. Is online poker safe for me to play from a legal perspective? To date, no one has ever been arrested, charged, imprisoned, or fined for enjoying online card games as a private citizen. As long as you're not managing, working for, or owning an illegal gambling enterprise, you can play without fear of the long arm of the government.

Online poker history is so convoluted and confusing. I wish someone could explain it to me easily and concisely!? From the excitement of the first few sites offering real money play, to the vacuum created by the underhanded passing of UIGEA and the disheartening events of Black Friday, all fans have ridden a roller-coaster of gut-wrenching emotion. The love for this game is strong though, and the fans and the companies who court them always seem to bounce back.

There have been options to play available since Planet Poker launched in , and twenty years later, despite whatever has happened, plenty of players still play and sites still offer games.

Best Online Poker Sites for USA Players

No matter what choke holds are put in place, a way will be found to circumvent them. Even now, a new era of decentralized computing may be ushering in a wondrous new set of games and opportunities in this sector.

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Below is a timeline we created to help you keep track of all the major historical events that have taken place to change and alter the online landscape from through Are there any other online rooms for Americans that you have not listed in this guide? Mainly they are skins on networks that we have already covered. A skin is another company on a network that offers an identical product to other rooms. Hence, for the sake of brevity, we have chosen not to include some of those in the main section of the guide.

However, in the spirit of full disclosure, we decided to provide a full list of all poker websites that USA players can access. Here is our comprehensive list:. I live on the border between the USA and Canada. However, we typically recommend a similar group of sites because we find them to be soft, easy to withdraw from, and staffed with quality customer service reps.

We actually have a similar styled online poker guide for residents of Canada and by reading the following link you can find what our experts recommend as the best online poker sites in Canada. None of the information on this web page should be construed as legal advice. While Professional Rakeback does its best to provide accurate and up to date information, new local, state, and federal legislation is being written, proposed, voted on, and passed into law constantly.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the consumer to thoroughly research and comply with the laws in their particular jurisdiction. Ignition Casino. Declined both times. Also, you need to advise you cannot play in tournaments with an iPad. That info would have avoided this whole mess. We are sorry to hear that you had issues depositing. You can improve your chances of success by enabling International transactions on your credit card s , as all deposits to offshore gaming sites are non-domestic. Alternatively, We highly recommend that you attempt to deposit with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash in the future.

We have created extensive user guides with detailed illustrations of the entire process to help make the process quick and efficient for first time users! With regard to your other comment, the mobile poker app does in fact support tournaments and sit and goes! It should be completely compatible with your iPad as well. We wrote an extensive review of the mobile app when it was launched simultaneously on Bodog, Bovada, and Ignition Casino. We appreciate your comments!

Can non-residents play on these sites?

Your Guide To The Best Mac Online Poker Sites

I am a EU citizen stationed in America for the next year. Will these sites allow me to play for money? Will they take Skrill, Neteller, or Ecopazy wallets? If so, do they accept deposits in Euros? Foreigners from all countries would be accepted when creating new accounts, so long as they were physically located on US soil.

You won't even need a US drivers license or ID of any kind. You will need to provide high quality scans of your foriegn passport however. You will also have to provide proof of address documentation, much like at every other poker site you have ever played on. Furthermore, most of the sites in this guide allow players from Europe, Asia, and indeed the rest of the world to play in their games.

A notable exception here is Igntion Casino, which only allows Americans and Aussies. There are other rooms on the network it shares, such as Bodog, Bovada, and Bodog88, but none of them allow Europeans probably for legal reasons. However, all the games are denominated in USD, or in some cases crypto-currency like Bitcoin.

There are no Euro denominated games on the sites listed on this page. However, there is a catch. You can't use those ewallets while in the USA! Gambling transactions while located within the borders of America are prohibited by Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz. If and when you leave the states, you could cash out and deposit with your favorite ewallet while back in Europe. Hello there, You've done an incredible job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they'll be benefited from this website. How come you dont touch on regulated US states?

Whats up with that? Im in Pennsylvania and I heard its legal now but I cant find info here or anywhere else about what websites are Penns regulated. We are going to upgrade this article to cover regulated states and sites. We intend to expand and add reviews of all sites soon as well.

With regard to Pennsylvania, legislation has been passed, but there are as of yet, no active sites. The reason for this is that the state has yet to issue any licenses. Until such time, you can still play on offshore sites. In fact, it would be a great time to create accounts on all of the offshore sites now if you are a citizen of PA.

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The reason being that sooner or later many of them will cease allowing new sign ups. However, almost always, the offshore sites grandfather in existing customers and still allow them to play. We agree with you chil Black Chip Poker is a solid poker site to play at. You may have missed it, but it is included on this page under The Winning Poker Network. We have a full on review of Black Chip Poker available for you to read here.

They are now telling me that I need to play casino games to clear the bonus and can only use the poker points to buy tourney tickets. Another person told me that I can get a poker bonus if I make deposits with bitcoin I used credit card. I fell mislead by the advertisement here for Ignition and would recommend that you reconsider making it your top choice. I sent them another email asking for the bonus. I will keep you updated if I get it. For now, I advise not to count on bonuses from ignition as they will try to find any excuse not to pay it.

I wonder what cashing out will look like I want to follow up on a comment I sent you earlier today. Ignition replied that I did get some bonus, but did not get the full amount, as I only have 30 days to clear it. On their bonus tab, it said that I have until September to clear my welcome bonus. It looks like all bonus are really only for casino usage.

The bonus system for poker is more or less non existent. The poker bonus is, unintuitively labeled " Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus ". We would like to make it up to you. Sebastian, we ask that you please contact us via Skype or Email and reference your comments on this page.

We will try our best to work something out for you to make sure you aren't out of pocket with the poker bonus snafu. We have updated this article to reflect this bonus information so that others do not befall the same fate! We sympathize with you Sebastian. The bonuses are not labeled in such a way as to clearly indicate which bonus is the poker bonus. We have known this at Professional Rakeback for some time and we have two large warnings on our Ignition Poker Review. Here is what those warnings look like:. When you select your bonus, be sure you choose the one labeled " Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus " as this is the poker bonus.

However, these warnings were not present on this page. And for that we apologize. We have rectified the issue and put up a warning on this page so that no one else suffers the problems that you have gone through. We are going to address your other statements below so that others will get clarification:. The poker bonus, as well as all of the normal casino bonuses, are available to all players no matter what method one uses to deposit. The confusion likely comes from the fact that there are special, larger casino bonuses which are only available to Bitcoin depositors. Please do keep us updated.

We want to follow up with you after you have spoken to Ignition Casino management. We want to make this right by you! Cashing out is smooth at Ignition Casino. Just like all other offshore sites, you will need to provide picture ID and proof of address to satisfy international money laundering and know your customer laws. But once you have submitted those documents, cashout speeds are the best in the business. In case you weren't aware, we have a cash out report that we udpate monthly with publicly verifiable information that we compile about payout speeds.

Here is a link to our monthly payout report. I read your site and decided to try and play some poker online again. I was playing daily years ago when all the sites stopped letting US players play and have not tried sense. I was a bit disappointed to find out that I can not even sign up or make an account there without a cell phone. I do not own a cell phone and have no need to waist money on one monthly. I think you may want to add that you can not play without owning a cell phone. Hello Ken, We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience with us.

First let us explain what is going on and why. The mobile phone verification is an advanced fraud prevention technique. As you may or may not be aware, privacy is dead. Mobile phone carriers sell their databases to anyone with money and so a person's name is associated with their cell phone number. As such, gambling sites use the cell phone number to send SMS verification texts upon account creation.

This helps them match up names to numbers. This helps sites keep down their fraud rates so that they can avoid processing deposits for stolen credit cards for example they match the name on the CC to that of the mobile phone. So the good news is that you can bypass this mobile phone number restriction. There are websites out there where you can get a temporary telephone number online that will receive your SMS verification code thus allowing you to pass verification checks.

This will allow you to create an account on Ignition Casino, and the many other gambling websites who use this verification technique. One such site you could use is called https: So what will happen is that your account will be flagged and the deposit and withdrawal options will be limited. As the account will be classified as a "security risk" your only options for deposits and withdrawals will be crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. If you aren't familiar with crypto-currency, do not fret. We have created full on step by step pictorial guides that will help you create a wallet, buy crypto-currency from an exchange, and deposit it within minutes.