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This is the very first article in my series on setting up a Mac for hacking. If you aren't starting with a clean installation, there may be a few differences, but We're halfway through our series on getting your Mac ready for hacking, and now that you have some of the Git basics down, it's time to move on to using a package manager. So without a With just one line of Ruby code embedded into a fake PDF, a hacker can remotely control any Mac computer from anywhere in the world. Creating the command is the easy part, but getting the target to open the code is where a hacker will need to get creative.

Ruby is just one wa We're nearly done getting our Mac set up for hacking.

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If you haven't checked out previous tutorials, I'd recommend you do so first before diving right into this one. It looks like there is a fatal flaw in the current macOS High Sierra This severe vulnerability lets hackers — or anyone with malicious intentions — do anything they want as root users as long as t We're almost there to completing the setup of your Mac for hacking!

Now that we have Git and Homebrew under our belts, it's time to take on something fairly easy, but very important for our hacking needs. Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language used to write powerful pr It's possible to stream a MacBook's entire computer screen without using Apple's Screen Sharing application and without opening any ports on the target device. A hacker with low user privileges on the backdoored Mac may be able to view a victim's every move in real time no mat After backdooring a MacBook not protected by FileVault or using a fake PDF to gain remote access, an attacker may wish to upgrade their Netcat shell to something more fully featured.

While a root shell allows attackers to remotely modify most files on the MacBook, Empire featu Before we dive any further into getting your Mac ready for hacking, I wanted to continue on with the concept of encryption.

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In the last part, we talked about full disk encryption on your Mac, but now I want to quickly cover the encryption of disk images before we dive into man It's important to know whom you're dealing with after hacking your target's MacBook. Getting remote access is simple, but covertly gathering information about the user and their system can be a challenge.

Continuing with our situational awareness attacks, we'll be further ori The misconception that macOS is more secure than the Windows operating system is far from the truth. With just one small command, a hacker can completely take over a MacBook and control it remotely. The sheer volume of Windows computers currently in operation around the world Don't think because your MacBook is using FileVault disk encryption your device is secure or immune to hackers. Here's how to find out if that FileVault password is strong enough to withstand an attack from a motivated attacker.

FileVault, created by Apple in , is a hard The conversation of which operating system is most secure, macOS vs. Windows, is an ongoing debate. Most will say macOS is more secure, but I'd like to weigh in by showing how to backdoor a MacBook in less than two minutes and maintain a persistent Netcat shell using tools alr Passwords and data stored in web browsers are extremely valuable to hackers.

If not for financial gain, black hat hackers may still leak your passwords and personal information for amusement. Never undervalue what you're worth to a hacker. While I'm definitely no black hat, d Google, Amazon, and Facebook are always listening.

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But what's worse? Hackers are listening, too. Windows PCs are particularly vulnerable, but with a few simple commands, a remote attacker can even take over the microphone on someone's Mac computer, streaming audio and listenin The newest version of macOS has arrived.

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While everyone's mind is being blown by Mojave's groundbreaking new Dark Mode, we'll be taking advantage of its insecure file permissions to establish a persistent backdoor with a self-destructing payload that leaves little evidence for In most macOS hacks, a non-root terminal is used to create a backdoor into the device. A lot of damage can be done as a low-privileged user, but it has its limitations. Think twice before granting a file permission to execute — an attacker might be able to convert your harmles The first few minutes after gaining access to a MacBook are critical — but where do we begin?

Using tools built into macOS, we can develop an in-depth understanding of running background processes, detect antivirus software, locate sensitive files, and fingerprint other device Gmail conversations, Facebook private messages, and personal photos can all be viewed by a hacker who has backdoor access to a target's Mac. By livestreaming the desktop or exfiltrating screenshots, this information can be used for blackmail and targeted social engineering att Using Netcat to backdoor a macOS device has its short-comings. If the compromised Mac goes to sleep, the Netcat background process will occasionally fail to terminate correctly; This leaves Netcat running infinitely in the background and the attacker with no new way into the d While hackers have taken advantage of numerous vulnerabilities in Adobe's products to deliver payloads to Windows users via PDF files, a malicious PDF file can also wreak havoc on a Mac that's using the default Preview app.

So think twice before double-clicking a PDF open on y MacOS isn't known as an ideal operating system for hacking without customization, but it includes native tools that allow easy control of the Wi-Fi radio for packet sniffing. Changing channels, scanning for access points, and even capturing packets all can be done from the com Developed by Open Whisper Systems, Signal is a free, open-source encrypted communications app for both mobile and desktop devices that allows users to make voice calls, send instant messages, and even make video calls securely. The Cheat is based on the Windows application Pandora's Box, so if you've ever used that, you'll feel more comfortable with The Cheat.

The Cheat isn't a particularly easy application to understand for beginners but it has a decent Help guide and if you're really stuck on a game, it may be your only hope. Needs a Good Tutorial!!!. Need a good tutorial to understand the ins and outs of the program A Good Tutorial.

I haven't figured out how to USE the cheat 1. I won't be able to use it Softonic!

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Please email me instr uctions!!! With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready. To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. Mac Games Utilities The Cheat Manipulate your Mac's memory to cheat at games Have you ever simply given up on a game because you can't get past the same old problem? The Cheat is a universal game trainer for OS X, which allows View full description.

Surveillance is always a useful tool in a hacker's arsenal, whether deployed offensively or defensively. Watching targets yourself isn't always practical, and traditional surveillance camera systems can be costly, lacking in capabilities, or both. Today, we will use motionEyeO While Windows 10 is still a few weeks away from a public release, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy its brand new features right now. Anyone with an Insider Preview account can install Windows 10 on their computer.

And that doesn't just go for those that own a Windows PC—Mac u When it's most important for me to browse the web incognito, I always seem to forget to enable private browsing. If that sounds like you, it's time you stop making that mistake for good. Manually deleting the cache and browser history is a thing of the past, and as it turns ou A PirateBox creates a network that allows users to communicate wirelessly, connecting smartphones and laptops even when surrounding infrastructure has been disabled on purpose or destroyed in a disaster.

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Using a Raspberry Pi, we will make a wireless offline server that hosts f To really customize your Samsung Galaxy S3, you'll need to be rooted, because most of the coolest mods and hacks require root access. If you haven't rooted yet, you're just barely touching the surface of what your GS3 can do for you.

However, if you've never rooted before, it If you need to hack an Android device, try a remote administration tool. Surveying a target's Wi-Fi infrastructure is the first step to understanding the wireless attack surface you have to work with.

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Wardriving has been around since the '90s and combines GPS data and Wi-Fi signal data to create accurate, in-depth maps of any nearby Wi-Fi networks You've heard of the hacked Mac App Store already, but now it's time to actually do it and get the world's most popular iPhone game on your computer for free! Hack the Mac App Store You don't need a Mac to hack into your iPod Touch. Don't get left behind just because you prefer to use a PC. You can jailbreak your iPod on a PC by downloading the appropriate firmware and putting it to use.

This video will show you how to jailbreak you iPod Touch on Windows. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to hack into your iPod's firmware on a Mac. In order to hack into the 5. With this program, you'll be able to download themes onto your iPod Are you addicted to Google Reader? If so, you may be looking for an even faster way to scroll through all of your favorite RSS feeds. Well, Matt Richardson has the solution… It's called the Google Reader Pedal and it makes it easier to read the hottest news without ever touch Oh how we love open source software.

If it wasn't for Open Office, we never would have been able to write that seven-page English paper while on our friend's Microsoft Office-lacking laptop during an impromptu road trip to Mexico. And Ubuntu, an open source secure operating sy Macheads demonstrates how to install wine on mac. What is wine? Wine allows you to run and install windows program on Intel based machine. This program will work only on Intel and wont work on power PCs,unfortunately. First, we have to install macports which is something simil Grabbing things off the Internet is common procedure for most internauts.

To get started using Automator to scrape mp3s or other content from web pages, take alook. Get a Mac Tip for your Mac computer! There's a million things you can do with your Apple computer, and this is just one of them. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to revert Safari 4 to the old tabs interface on a Mac computer.

This technique allows a Mac user to use a ter Big name individual hackers and hacker groups everywhere in the news are getting caught and thrown in jail. Everytime I see something like this happen, I won't lie, I get a little sad. Then I wonder, how are these guys getting caught? If a group like LulzSec, with all the fame More password cracking action from Null Byte! Today we aren't going to be cracking passwords per se, rather, we are going to learn the basics of generating rainbow tables and how to use them.

First, let's go over how passwords are stored and recovered. Passwords are normally Why should PC users have all the fun? This video shows you how you can download and install a copy of Cheat Engine onto your Mac computer. Now you too can hack all the online games like FarmVille and Pet Society! Learn how to hack your 1.

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