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Just do a quick search in Apple Support Community , you'll find tons of optimization tips — though many of which turned out to be a little unhelpful. In general, there are two ways to speed up a Mac: If the slowdown is software or macOS system related, a Mac optimizer app can really help.

Although we'd be realistic that it is unlikely that you'll be able to tune up your Mac with rocket speed. In this review, we'll show you the best Mac optimizer apps to clean, tune-up, and improve your Mac's performance. Depending on the conditions of your computer e. Want to save time exploring? We understand. Here's a recap of our recommendations:. Below, you'll find our detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to get your desired app and start optimizing your Mac.

There is an extensive list of Mac apps that claim to be able to speed up or make a Mac run faster, and usually, each of them has its own unique features.

The app should be free of malware or bundled apps. Therefore, many people say macOS isn't safe anymore in our opinion, we'd add "that" before "safe". We test this by running Mac security software to test whether the app contains malicious procedures. To be honest, we knocked out quite a few programs such as MacKeeper, which was reported by many Mac users for being hard to uninstall.

Offensive software like that also hurt user experience.

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The app must deliver what it claims to offer, simple and fair! In our opinion, if a piece of software or app turns out to be different from what it claims to be — for example, fails to free up a decent amount of disk space, or improve the performance of our Macs which show a bit age , then the value of getting such an app becomes little if not none at all. Also, we prefer Mac apps that are light-weighted.

That means even if a Mac tuneup app does a great job in helping reclaim tons of storage by clearing system junks, but at the cost of consuming a big portion of system resources while running in the background, we'd rather not to feature it in our best list. This is very straightforward.

10 essential Mac utilities

Apple pushes out a main yet new version of macOS once a year and to date, it's High Sierra If an app is unable to run smoothly under High Sierra, it's definitely a problem. Because most Mac users will upgrade to the latest macOS sooner or later. If the developer of a Mac app fails to update the software in time, chances are the app has compatibility issues with the latest macOS version.

Those who download and install it would have a hard time running it smoothly, let alone fixing potential Mac issues and optimizing your Mac's performance. Not all Mac users are tech-savvy. Those who just joined the Apple Mac family or switched from the PCs will take much time getting familiarized with Apple's macOS operating system.

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When it comes to handling technical tasks such as diagnosing Mac system issues, removing junks, cleaning caches, uninstalling third-party apps, etc. For example, we value developers that provide various channels for customers and potential customers to reach out to, those could include emails, online chat, social media, or even phone calls. We have therefore decided not to include several programs written by individual developers who are unable to provide a decent level of support. All software programs are designed for human beings, not machines.

It's important that the best Mac performance tuneup software should be fairly easy and simple to use. From user interfaces, interactive buttons, to explanatory text instructions, they must be clear and to the point. We all are used to the awesome feeling of smooth navigation on our MacBooks, right? If a third-party Mac optimization software can't live up to this principle, we'll hesitate to recommend it unless it shows merits over other aspects. Well, pricing used to be the primary factor when we make decisions and it's reasonable.

Who wants to pay for a commercial software given that a free option is available in the market. However, the truth is these days freeware or open source are becoming rare. Plus, many times free apps just don't cut it. What do we mean? Well, we've tested a number of free Mac cleaner and optimizer apps, only to find that some aren't compatible with High Sierra due to lack of update, while others are either confusing to use or very limited in terms of features. We'd rather not to say this, but it's often tedious and frustrating to install a free app and remove it later on. Please note: They are also moderately easy to use with sleek interfaces and clear instructions.

Last but not least, we chose them because they have a dedicated support team taking customer queries. Most newer Mac machines especially MacBooks are now with small-volume flash storage starting from GB, that means your Mac will fill up quick and run slowly after some time. A lot of the fiddly missing stuff we used to need an app for is built in, but Apple aims for the simplest experience for the most people, which leaves more advanced users or those that want a choice of how they carry out a task looking for alternatives.

Always look for discounts on the more expensive products: However, I like to think of these utilities as having a return on investment, as I believe my time as well as yours has value. Some apps estimate how much time you saved, and others reduce clutter and frustration, which can make you work more efficiently. Default Folder enhances every open and save dialog in macOS, as well as offering a system menubar item and options to add navigation in Finder windows.

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You use Default Folder to navigate to standard macOS locations, frequently used directories, and recent folders without having to use an endless sequence of Command plus Up and Down arrows, Spotlight, or folder menu navigation. The app lets you more effectively organize items in folders, because you can so efficiently access those folders later. The utility wraps itself around open and save dialogs, and offers buttons with drop-down menus. Want to open the current view in a dialog as a Finder window? Press one keystroke. Another keystroke lets you rotate among recently used folders. Read our review.

The Best Mac Performance Optimization Software in 2018

It has a very shallow learning curve. Computers are meant to reduce tedious repetition, and yet we often find ourselves acting like a computer in our work. It turns the computer back into a repetition-avoiding machine. I can type two or three characters, and TextExpander drops in my email address, phone number, or mailing address. It also allows you to create forms with pop-up options for standard replies. TextExpander supports AppleScript and other system scripting integration, and includes a few scripts for things like turning the current contents of the clipboard into a bit.

TextExpander had a kerfuffle this year when its maker switched from flat-rate pricing for version 5 to subscription pricing for version 6 including software updates, cloud sync, and snippet sharing. We have reviews of both version 5 and version 6.

Essential Utilities for Mac Maintenance and Troubleshooting [MacRx]

In these days of constant password breaches at major and minor websites, having unique strong passwords is a must. Because 1Password has extensions or plug-ins for all the major browsers, you never have to switch to it to drop passwords into a form to login. And it can also store in a structured form all sorts of other things, like credit cards, bank accounts, and licenses. You can also save all the entries in a form from a webpage, which is invaluable in inventing fake answers to security questions and storing them so you can remember them later.

We reviewed version 6. I like that its creator, AgileBits, added a few months ago the ability to generate multi-word passwords.

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