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I cant get it to work since installing Mavericks. Please help me fix.

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I really enjoyed having the size of the pictures. Utterly useless for the OS El Capitan version With this, when I select View Options from the top I have: Tick box — Always open in icon view — Tick box Browse in icon view. Two fields Arrange by: Two slide rules Icon size and Grid spacing. Then Text size choice: Then Label Position with two button choices: Another line followed by Background choice buttons, White, Color and Picture. If it is different for the latest iMac version you need to update your instructions.

I have found an easy solution. Right-Click on the column header bar. If you try this in the normal folder, the images will jump as an empty space is moved under the icons! Clumsy, but it works! Hope this helps. Once again, Apple is attempting to control your life with supposedly an easy-to-use system where you are forced to work their way.

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Work-around methods require deep-knowledge. Works for folders on my mac itself. As soon as I move the folder to our network, the dimension column is still there but no actual dimensions are shown. It just displays — where each dimension should be. One more item. To refresh the column, you must do either: Instead of making things more useful they like to play games and change things constantly for no reason.

For instance, lets say a jpg is x and I resize the image to x the OS still shows the old size.

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There is no update to the information provided by the OS. Also when I move files into and out of a folder the OS still displays the same number. I feel like a testes. I understand I can update to the newer OS but all my Apps work fine in this one and I am afraid to upgrade and have to deal with issues after I upgrade where software will not work correctly. When this box is checked, it means that the photo will maintain a constant aspect ratio. This may make it impossible for you to enter your desired dimensions. You can uncheck the box, however it may result in some distortion of the image.

To avoid distortion, the best thing to do is crop the image to the proper aspect ratio and then alter the size.

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Aspect ratio is written as XX: For example the aspect ratio of an HDTV is Skip to Knowledge Base content Search Articles. Solution Changing the dimensions of an image can be very important. All of that should be done within the iPhoto App.

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But the Finder is not dangerous if used for photos on the Desktop, the Users Pictures Folder or other Folders you created. Aug 9, I found it now. You're right that you have to look at the info icon in the toolbar on the bottom far left under the photo. It is the second icon, a blue icon and the letter "i". It does show the file size. I did not know about that. I had been looking at the letter "i" in the bottom right of the foto.

That is an information button but it does NOT show the file size. So there are two information buttons, and I only knew about one, which is why I could not find the file size.

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I was not making this up, the "i" button in the bottom right of the foto does not show the file size. I'm still surprised at the different sizes for photos I take on vacation. Same camera and I never resized them at least not intentionally.

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Photo sizes go from KB to over 5 MB. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Henry R Henry R. More Less.

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